The Difference Between Light Soda Ash And Heavy Soda Ash

- Jan 11, 2020-

Soda ash is also a common product in our life. You can see it in the kitchen of most families. The soda in life is generally used in the production of pasta, but also can be used to clean the grease of the range hood, etc.

Soda can be divided into industrial grade soda and food grade soda according to different uses. Most of the soda ash we see in our daily life is food grade soda ash.

Industrial grade soda is mainly used in light industry, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense and other industries.

Food grade soda can be used as neutralizer and bulking agent, such as amino acid, soy sauce and flour food such as steamed bread and bread. It can also be added into pasta to increase elasticity and ductility.

In addition to classification according to use, soda ash can also be classified according to different bulk density, which can be divided into light soda ash and heavy soda ash. The differences in specifications are mainly due to the differences in physical properties, such as bulk density, particle size and shape, rest angle, etc. Generally, the density of light soda is 500-600kg / m3, and that of heavy soda is 1000-1200kg / m3.