Selection of equipment for Caustic Soda Making Plant

- Mar 19, 2018-

Selection of equipment for Caustic Soda Making Plant

The evaporation solid Caustic Soda Making Plant is mainly based on nickel equipment, and the price of nickel equipment is very high. Under the downward pressure of the economy and the rising of energy cost, the service life of the equipment will be prolonged, which will become a practical measure to reduce product cost and increase economic benefits.

Nickel will react with oxygen in the air at high temperature. The oxide produced can be dissolved in the alkali and be taken away, causing the corrosion of the equipment. Therefore, air must be strictly prevented from entering the system in production.

Anti oxidation measures for nickel material

1. nitrogen is used to protect the system, and a certain amount of nitrogen is kept in the system to ensure the positive pressure of the system and prevent the air from entering the system.

2. pipe system by reducing the throttle or ensure the pipeline filled with caustic lye, machine feeding tube must be immersed in the liquid.

3. check the seal of the system regularly and find out the leakage in time.

4. during the parking period, the system steam must be opened for protection.

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