Science to buy washing powder

- Mar 22, 2017-

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Washing powder is closely related to daily life, but washing powder has some toxicity if it invades the body, can cause hemolysis, damage the thymus, decreased body resistance, can also cause diarrhea, weight loss, atrophy of the spleen, liver cirrhosis, etc. Only choose the qualified product can be assured.

According to national standards for the production of washing powders, usually labeled on the package and writing two flags:

Properties of digital model logo

Digital model logo is content of surfactant, surfactant content is the main determining factors of detergency. 30, it means that the surfactant content is 30%, is a high-end laundry detergent, washing wool and silk; 20 members of the surfactant content is 20%, belongs to low-alkaline detergent suitable for washing linen fabric; there are 25, 28, and so on.

Properties of text symbols

Main is divided into five class: (1) high bubble type (General type), applies Yu manual washing; (2) low bubble type, contains poly ether and SOAP components, effectiveness high and bubble less, easily drift clear, is washing machine dedicated of; (3) bleaching type, contains boric acid sodium or had sodium carbonate, in 60 ℃ above of hot in the has bleaching role, for wash white clothing; (4) added enzyme type, contains biological catalyst, can decomposition clothing Shang of sweat, and milk stains and bloody, in 45 ℃ water in the using effect best; (5) increased yan type, contains fluorescent brightener, White whitening and brightening color clothes.