Present situation of technology development of laundry fluid

- Jan 07, 2018-

Technical development status of laundry fluids abroad

1  development trend of laundry fluid technology in Europe and America

Laundry fluids in Europe and America have been developing   for a long time

Mature。 In recent years, the development trend of laundry lotion in Europe and America can be

Includes enrichment and versatility.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more people pay more attention to  

Packaging plastics consumption and water content of daily washing products. To Wal-Mart as

The first large retailer requires that the detergent product be concentrated   reduce production

The water content of the product   improve the content of   so as to save the packing and storage

and transportation costs   greatly reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions  

Also convenient for consumers to carry and use. Laundry lotion on the market in Europe and America

At present, there are mainly ordinary type, 2x/3x concentrated   Some of the active material up to

65%. The active substance of common type laundry liquid is more in 20%~30% 

The active substance level of 2x/3x concentrated laundry fluid is maintained at around 50%.

Concentrated products used less than  2x/3x concentrated products

1/3~1/2  washing effect of ordinary product and common type laundry liquid

Basically the same. The proportion of   concentrated products has obviously increased in recent years.

Liquid detergent Because of its good complex performance  makes the product more

The possibility of functional. In recent years, a variety of washing and protection functions in a

The body's laundry fluid appears  declared function including thorough wash, protect Yan

Color, prevent deformation, enhance softness, allergy and anti-static, and so on.

2 The development trend of Japanese laundry liquid technology

The development trend of the Japanese laundry liquid market is basically the same as that in Europe and America

To close to  but also has its unique characteristics. Japanese Laundry Liquid Market

It is said that the concentrated product is relatively rare  but its general product's active substance

Content is basically around 35%   and claims that concentrated products   activity

Content as high as 75%. Because of the Japanese laundry habits more in the night

Laundry   Indoor dried   The aroma and softness of the laundry

Sense of higher requirements   so   Japanese detergent formula is added

Softeners and fungicides   flavors are also relatively higher in quality and added 

Even during the night washing and indoor dried   will not leave unpleasant gas

Taste。 In addition   relative to other countries and regions   Japan has more fine

Laundry detergent for fabrics. Fine fabric in Japan more popular   material is not limited to pure silk, wool   also include new rayon/cotton  

Viscose rayon, copper ammonia fiber, acetate fiber, green Purcell, Tencel and

Modal  , superfine spandex   lycra   and other   common detergent and wash

The polyester method may make fine fabric easily lose its original style. Fine

Laundry detergent for fabric all neutral formula   because it can't depend on the mechanical force

  fine fabric washing requires the use of low mechanical force   otherwise easy to change

Form   This requires that the surfactants used must have high permeability  

The neutral ph value has high cleaning force. Also need to contain soft

  at present, the most used softener in Japanese laundry detergent includes silicone

Polymers and amide amines


。 That is to say,   concentration is also Japan

The technical development trend of laundry fluid   but multi-functional   soft, sterilization and

Aroma   and Maintenance clothing original style   fine fabric with laundry liquid   is

The development trend of Japanese laundry lotion is obvious.