New Technology For Washing Powder Production

- May 14, 2019-

1. Large washing powder single tower production capacity - single tower dusting capacity up to 30t / h.

2. Newer dusting technology — A major improvement over existing powder spray towers, resulting in no fines in the entire dusting process and less powder sticking.

3. Newer exhaust gas dedusting technology - different from traditional cyclone and bag dust removal.

4. Exhaust heat recovery technology.

5. The weightless scale replaces the traditional electronic belt scale to make the batching more precise.

6. The new dense phase pneumatic conveying technology is used to meet the long-distance transportation of various solid materials.

7. The use of direct-fired coal technology greatly reduces production costs, and consumes about 80 kg of coal per ton of washing powder.

8. A special conveyor for washing powder that completely solves the deviation of the belt, using a mechanical automatic correcting device.

9. The newer washing powder is equipped with a mixer to make the rear matching capacity up to 30% without delamination.