Laundry detergent composition

- Mar 22, 2017-

There are five categories: active ingredients, detergent ingredients, buffer composition, synergistic ingredients, dispersed LBD-1 of auxiliary components.

Main ingredients are: fabric fiber anti-scaling agents, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, water softener, dirt suspension, enzymes, fluorescence and spices; poor washing powder containing phosphorus, aluminium, alkalis and other harmful ingredients. Role of surfactants in the detergent is making washing powder soluble, emulsion, soak, cleaning, disinfection, softening, bubble, preventing clothes static functions. 

Synthetic surfactant have long been found to have side effects such as bold, now has been regarded as polluting the environment pollution. In addition, phosphorus, aluminium base, especially phosphorus in some developed countries have been banned from use in detergents, however, many chemical plants in China, but also in the production of this product, especially foreign-funded enterprises, in their own native products cannot have these harmful substances, while in China, the law is not perfect, people's environmental consciousness of the loophole, bold add these harmful substances.