Knowledge Of Washing Powder

- May 20, 2019-

Washing powder is the most important variety of household fabric detergent products. It has the advantages of strong detergency, easy to use and low price. It can be widely applied to all kinds of fabric washing except silk and wool fabrics.

Main ingredient

The main component of the washing powder consists of a surfactant, a builder and a functional ingredient. Surfactants play a major decontamination role in the washing process. The builder has the function of softening water and neutralizing acidic dirt. The functional additives can impart personalization functions such as softness, whitening, sterilization and aroma.


When washing by hand, add the washing powder to the water according to the amount of product identification, stir pre-dissolved, and then immerse it in the laundry. Do not pour the washing powder directly onto the clothes, especially for easily faded clothing.

When washing machine, put the washing powder into the detergent box of the washing machine in advance, put it into the clothes, and wash it according to the setting procedure.

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