Identify advantages and disadvantages

- Mar 22, 2017-

From packaging to differentiate brand-name quality laundry detergent packaging printing clear, error-free and oil contamination phenomena; fake brand-name detergent packaging most print poor quality, wrong and oil contamination.

Visually distinguish between brand-name quality powder hollow particles similar to small grain-like, fluffy full bags, hand bag slip loose sense, pure color, uniform particle distribution; counterfeit detergent mixture of coarse particles or induration, dissatisfaction after the bag, bag space is large, hand bags small pebbles, pink grey yellow color. If the color is grey-blue enzyme, enzyme activity has expired, or other staining substances.

Used to distinguish high quality detergent dissolved in water, touch solutions no Burns feels the solution is clear and smooth, more foam, significant detergency, use less wash efficiency significantly, the smell is not pungent. Fake washing powder dissolved in water slowly, water turbidity, pelvic floor sediment, burning feel touch solution, foam low, detergency, poor, increase the amount, its washing efficiency is still low, the smell is pungent alkaline taste.