How to make washing powder

- Oct 31, 2018-

Making washing powder process

First, the basic formula ratio: sulfonic acid 15%+ soda ash 75%+ sodium sulfate 10%, which can be adjusted according to its own cost. Two, raw materials added according to functional requirements: 1, enhance particle condensation: add instant acid and alkali resistant thickening powder.2, enhance foaming and deoiling ability: add high foam degreasing agent.3, add fragrance to add flavor.4, enhance blood and sweat. Washing ability of stains on the addition of protease. 5, production of industrial detergent: adding super ionic emulsifier. 3, production process: all raw materials and ingredients mixing and stirring evenly, and then through the expansion of the particle is a large particle detergent. 4, the main production equipment: dry powder mixer and particle expander.

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