Five Application Areas Of Caustic Soda

- May 18, 2019-

As a chemical raw material, caustic soda has been widely used in various industries. It can react with many substances to get the effect we want. The caustic soda is made by electrolysis of water, which has certain corrosiveness. And the alkalinity is strong, and the strong acid can neutralize the repercussions. Today we focus on the five major application areas of caustic soda, and we look forward to assisting you in understanding it.

1. In the chemical industry, caustic soda can be used to make water glass, baking soda and so on. The chemical expression of Little Souda is Na?CO?, which can be called soda powder or soda. Baking soda is primarily used in the medical profession to treat the body's hyperacidity.

2. Use as a solvent in the metallurgical profession. Caustic soda is highly corrosive and can emit high temperatures after it dissolves in water. For example, some metal surfaces have been rusted, and cleaning with caustic soda can effectively remove rust on the surface. In addition to this, caustic soda can also be desulfurized when used as a flotation agent.

3. Used as a water softener in the dyeing profession. Softener can be used as a synergist before dyeing. It can effectively chelate dispersing agents. It is indispensable for the professional laundry profession of dyeing and printing.

4. Use as a neutralizer in the leather making profession. Leather work often occurs because the storage time is too long to produce some acidic substances, which make people smell very uncomfortable, while caustic soda can drink acid to neutralize water and carbon dioxide, but must control the amount, alkaline Too much will also corrode the leather.

5. Can also be used to produce synthetic detergents, additives, and the like. Alkaline substances remove oil and some other impurities and also have a bactericidal effect.