Detergent and disinfectant mix

- Mar 22, 2017-

After the SARS epidemic, many housewives with detergent when washing clothes, like to add some disinfectant. But this laundry is just possible the cleaning and disinfection effects are greatly reduced.

Detergent ingredients are not the same, there are anionic, cationic or non-ionic, disinfectants, too. If detergent and disinfectant mix and use, it is easy to generate neutralizing reaction, their effectiveness will be reduced.

Professor of Wuhan University people's hospital infections branch Gong Zuojiong, said most of the disinfectant is used to eliminate pollution of pathogenic microorganism, except under special conditions, such as someone suffering from disease, diarrhea, ringworm, scalp ringworm, or women's menstruation, postpartum, and infancy, otherwise, there is no need to use a disinfectant to wash clothes. Because people have a certain resistance, a small amount of non-pathogenic micro-organisms will not constitute a threat to health, drying clothes after washing in plenty of sunlight, of residue on the clothes after reaching a certain number of bacteria will die on its own. Use disinfectants frequently, not only reduces the body's own resistance, is also likely to cause liver damage.