Can You Clean Ten Bowls In One Drop

- Jul 25, 2019-

Speaking of the current washing products, I think many people have their own concerns, and they are not very satisfied with the products on the market. Some people think that the product packaging is very earthy, and some people think that the user experience is not very good. Comfortable, and even more can feel the irritating feeling from the detergent. These uncomfortable product experiences, I think many people who have done housework have experienced it. In addition, most of the detergents today are not very environmentally friendly, but they pollute the environment while cleaning.

In response to these problems, I am going to evaluate a "clean and warm concentrated multi-purpose detergent" today. This product is a project of Jingdong Crowdfunding. At present, a lot of people have been raised. I want to make a product experience evaluation before you have received it.

The detergent is packaged in a pink package on the outer packaging and is covered with a transparent protective film to reduce the contamination of the product during transportation. At the same time, the pink packaging is also very style, more design and aesthetic than the ordinary detergent on the market, the packaging is very beautiful.

The detergent uses a biomass-based amino acid surfactant component that is close to the pH of the human skin, mild and hyposensitive, and protects the user's hands.

The detergent is super concentrated formula, rich in active degreasing factor, no fear of cold water low temperature washing, can directly face the oil stain on the surface of the dish, quickly dissolve them to achieve the purpose of decontamination. Compared with the traditional detergent, this way can better increase the decontamination effect. When used, put the detergent on the sponge dishcloth, you can easily knead a lot of foam, and the foam can quickly remove the stains.