Active ingredients

- Mar 22, 2017-

Active ingredient is a detergent composition plays a major role. Wash active ingredients are a class of substances known as surfactants, which effect is to weaken the adhesion of stains and clothing, in the washing water and rubbing them in their hands or stir under the action of mechanical force, such as washing machine, lift stains out of clothing, so as to achieve the purpose of washing clothes.


1. To achieve good cleaning effect, should contain a sufficient number of active ingredient in detergents. In order to guarantee the effect of washing detergent, national authorities provides for the minimum content of active ingredients in detergents. Depending on the type of active agents used and the types of products and active ingredients in detergent amount shall not be less than 13%;

2. Because many surfactants have high foaming ability of consumers based on experience, foamed from behind the detergent dissolved in water to determine the advantages and disadvantages of detergents;

3. But some dedicated to washing detergents, foaming ability much worse than a normal washing powder lot. This is because mainly depends on the clothes in the drum of a washing machine drum roll produced by mechanical force, to achieve the purpose of washing clothes, while too much foam in washing solution, greatly weakened the result of rolling clothing machinery, washing effect is greatly reduced.