Soap Washing Powder

Soap Washing Powder

Our high density detergent powder has good bulk density and appearance, specialized packing ways. We had rich experience in different markets and brands
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Washing powder is a product of petrochemical synthesis. The main component is sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate. It cannot be made into a solid state and can only be sprayed and granulated. Washing powder is strongly alkaline (PH>12). It is best to wear gloves during use to reduce skin irritation (commonly known as "burning hands"). Some washing powders contain phosphorus. Phosphorus reacts quickly after being dissolved in water. Although it has a good cleaning effect, it can cause serious damage to the skin. After washing, it often has residues and is difficult to rinse thoroughly. Therefore, it is best not to use washing powders for washing. Close-fitting clothing. When washing clothes, the amount of Soap Washing Powder should be as small as possible, suitable for washing jeans, heavy coats, curtains, sofa covers, etc.

Usage of Soap Washing Powder:  

Removes stubborn stains in just 1 step even those that are difficult to wash such as car oil, fruit stains, collar stains, cuffs, dirt, grease stains

Scent of sunshine

Used for hand washing, washing machine on the door, washing machine front door

laundry powder

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