High Foam Detergent Powder

High Foam Detergent Powder

Our washing powder for baby clothes has good washing ability with Dow Corning enzymes and high elegant fragrance, same quality as Ariel.
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Product Details

[Product name]: High Foam Detergent Powder

[Product appearance]: White powder

[Product features]: Strong stain removal, sterilization, whitening, color protection, brightening, no damage to water quality, easy to rinse, scent can be configured

[Applications]: The High Foam Detergent Powder is suitable for quilts, sheets, towels, kitchen clothes, tablecloths, napkins, work clothes, heavy-duty cotton in hotels, guesthouses, laundry rooms, hospitals, washing plants, dry cleaners, bathing centers, factories, households, etc. , Linen fabric, cotton, polyester, blended fabric and other fabrics of various colors.

Features of High Foam Detergent Powder

1) Specification as your request and OEM. 

2) No-phosphorous, add phosphorous

3) Good and fresh smell, flower smell, fruit smell etc

4) High foam, middle foam, low foam as your request 

5) Suitable density, package is attractive in design

6) Washing at cool, normal, warm temperature

7) Suitable for hand and machine wash

8) Suitable for washing both in hard and soft water

9) Non-harmful to skin

10) Protect fabrics

11) Protect both to environment and health 

12) High quality, middle quality, economical quality 

13) Competitive prices

14) Water saving, time saving

Laundry Detergent

washing powder

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