Turnkey Washing Powder Plant

Turnkey Washing Powder Plant

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Product Details

Turnkey Washing Powder Plant with Spray Drying Tower

The turnkey washing powder plant adopts the “high tower spray” production device. The product has a specific gravity of 0.25 to 0.35 g/cm3. The product has good particle and component uniformity, good solubility and stable quality. The entire production system has exhaust gas emission standards and no sewage discharge

Technology Characteristics of Turnkey Washing Powder Plant

1. The exhaust gas is discharged to the standard and there is no sewage discharge.

2. Save energy and reduce consumption, and discharge to normal standards.

3. The fine powder collected from the dust removal process is returned to the tower, the water can be recycled, and the collected sediment slurry can be used for the ratio.

4. Establish a complete workshop dust removal system, clean the operating environment

5. The factory and workshop have reasonable logistics and reasonable configuration, which saves operating expenses.

6. The process design is advanced and the plan is reasonable.

The capacity of the plants is 3,000 t/a to 200,000 t/a.

The operation mode can be manually and computer controlled.

The supply range is from renovation of existing plant to totally new plants.

Environmental impact: no wastewater is drained to outside.

washing powder manufacturing plant

Business Scope

Domestic and foreign engineering technical consultation, overall planning, engineering design, engineering supervision, equipment and material procurement, engineering cost analysis, project management, general contracting, engineering technology services, engineering technology and unit equipment R & D, personnel training, product development, production 

Are you looking for a partner to build a Turnkey Washing Powder Plant, please contact us and look forward to working with you