Powder Detergent Making Machine

Powder Detergent Making Machine

We can offer all kinds of detergent powder production plant according to your special formulation and density .
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Product Details

Powder Detergent Making Machine with spray drying tower

capacity: 3,000 t/a to 200,000 t/a.

operation mode:  manually and computer controlled.

Environmental impact: no wastewater is drained to outside.

Detergent Powder Making Plant

1.We can offer all kinds of powder detergent making machine according to your special formulation and density .

2.Specialized in manufacturing detergent powder plant, it can be satisfied with all kinds of clients.

Features of Powder Detergent Making Machine

* The machine is beautiful and durable: the appearance adopts the latest design and is durable.

* Easy operation: Simple training can operate.

* Comprehensive equipment functions: can easily produce various grades of multi-specific washing powder

* Self-control of output: mass production in the factory can control the output according to sales volume, reducing the risk of pressing.

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