Industrial Detergent Powder Plant

Industrial Detergent Powder Plant by agglomeration process; It obtains final high-grade product with bulk density of 0.45 to 0.8 kg/L
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Central control room with computers

·The whole industrial detergent powder plant is automatically controlled by PLC

·The startup and shutdown of the industrial detergent powder plant is controlled by programs in the computers.

·There are interlocks between critical items of equipment, and monitoring of operation data.

·The functions of the system include detergent powder formulation adjustment; report printout, operation data display and recording/filing.

·Big screen showing how the plant is running. There are also alarmings and operator intervene indications.

·Manual and automatic operation modes can be switched between each other by operator.

·All raw materials, both solid and liquid, are automatically dosed according to detergent powder formulation by computer.

Features of detergent powder : easy to rinse. It has low foaming, strong detergency and high decontamination and whitening ability.

Description of detergent powder: Any ordinary detergent powder can't wash off the fabric that has been grayed, blackened and yellowed. It can be easily solved with whitening washing powder. It will be white when washed and whiter. Long-term use can keep the fabric white as new, this product does not hurt the linen. It has high efficiency, non-phosphorus environmental protection ability, good oil solubility, and has special effects on removing animal and vegetable oil stains.

Product of industrial detergent powder plant brief description and advantages

1.We can offer all kinds of laundry powder plant according to your special formulation and density .

2.Specialized in manufacturing detergent powder plant, it can be satisfied with all kinds of clients.

Asia is currently the best laundry powder plant leader in China, focusing on providing quality products and services to its customers. Asia accepts engineering general contracting services, strictly from factory research and development, design, manufacturing to output.

Asia is committed to the principle of "providing customers with satisfactory products and services". Our company solemnly promises to continuously improve the quality of service, from sales to after-sales delivery while ensuring the advanced, reliable and stable equipment. , commissioning and opening, equipment maintenance management, technical services, user technical training and other aspects, to ensure that customers can get good service, so that customers are satisfied and assured.

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