Detergent Washing Powder Production Line

Detergent Washing Powder Production Line

Detergent Washing Powder Production Line by agglomeration process; It obtains final high-grade product with bulk density of 0.45 to 0.8 kg/L
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Product Details

Detergent Washing Powder Production Line by agglomeration process

Solid raw materials in form of powder are sieved and premixed, then stored in respective silos. The solid materials are weighed accurately by dosing belts according to the detergent powder formulation, and fed to the granulator. While the liquid raw materials are dosed accurately by dosing pumps and go into the granulator in form of sprayed particles. The agglomeration product from its bottom is fed to a fluidizing bed to remove free water in the particle’s surface and form crystal water in the powder to increase its added value. Perfume, enzyme and other minor ingredients are added into this powder in post-addition unit, then to be packed.

Main Features

1) Continuous production increases efficiency

2) No dead ends, easy cleaning and maintenance

3) Customized according to customer's specific requirements

4) All the machines with  Certificates

Our equipment can be produced high efficiency and concentrated  liquid dishwashing detergent,various liquid laundry detergent ,colorful hand soap and hand sanitizer,shampoo and conditioner for person and pet ,powerful oil remover for kitchen and cars,toilet cleaner,glass cleaner,dish machine liquid detergent,powerful scale removal cleanser,liquid bleach for colored clothes,bleaching water for kitchen use,84 disinfectant. We are specialized in supplying project design and related equipment making.

Washing Powder Production Line

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