Detergent Powder Making Plant

Detergent Powder Making Plant

Detergent powder Plant by agglomeration process; It obtains final high-grade product with bulk density of 0.45 to 0.8 kg/L
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Description of Detergent Powder

Detergent powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent that is a chemical used to wash clothes.

The main component of washing powder is anionic surfactant, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, a small amount of nonionic surfactant, plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, yuan Ming powder, fluorescent agent, enzyme, etc. Made by spraying, etc., most of them now use 4A fluorite instead of phosphate.

Use Attention about Washing powder U

Detergent powder that has been dissolved in water can be absorbed into the human body through the skin, and long-term accumulation can easily damage liver function and even cause cancer.

The detergent powder is an alkaline chemical detergent synthesized from sodium alkylbenzenesulfonate, sodium sulfate, sodium toluene, sodium tripolyphosphate and carboxymethyl fiber. Frequent contact with washing powder (water), easy to make the skin keratinized, chapped; washing the hair with washing powder will make the hair yellow, brittle; into the human hematopoietic system will affect liver function.

The enzyme detergent powder is added with an alkaline protease to hydrolyze the protein on the clothes to play the role of decontamination and descaling. This alkaline protease can also decompose skin surface proteins, causing people to suffer from allergic dermatitis, eczema and the like.

Washing clothes washed with washing powder should be thoroughly rinsed with water; baby diapers, underwear, underwear, and adult underwear should not be washed with detergent (but soap or natural soap powder can be used); washing utensils and dishes should not be used. Use washing powder. Persons who have been in contact with washing powder for a long time should have the necessary protection and try not to contact the washing powder directly.

Detergent Powder Making Plant by Agglomeration Process

Solid raw materials in form of powder are sieved and premixed, then stored in respective silos. The solid materials are weighed accurately by dosing belts according to the detergent powder formulation, and fed to the granulator. While the liquid raw materials are dosed accurately by dosing pumps and go into the granulator in form of sprayed particles. The agglomeration product from its bottom is fed to a fluidizing bed to remove free water in the particle’s surface and form crystal water in the powder to increase its added value. Perfume, enzyme and other minor ingredients are added into this powder in post-addition unit, then to be packed.

Central Control Room with Computers

·The whole plant is automatically controlled by PLC

·The startup and shutdown of the plant is controlled by programs in the computers.

·There are interlocks between critical items of equipment, and monitoring of operation data.

·The functions of the system include detergent powder formulation adjustment; report printout, operation data display and recording/filing.

·Big screen showing how the plant is running. There are also alarmings and operator intervene indications.

·Manual and automatic operation modes can be switched between each other by operator.

·All raw materials, both solid and liquid, are automatically dosed according to detergent powder formulation by computer.

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