Detergent Powder Automatic Plant

Detergent Powder Automatic Plant

Detergent powder Plant by agglomeration process; It obtains final high-grade product with bulk density of 0.45 to 0.8 kg/L
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Product Details

Central control room with computers

·The whole detergent powder automatic plant is automatically controlled by PLC

·The startup and shutdown of the plant is controlled by programs in the computers.

·There are interlocks between critical items of equipment, and monitoring of operation data.

·The functions of the system include detergent powder formulation adjustment; report printout, operation data display and recording/filing.

·Big screen showing how the plant is running. There are also alarmings and operator intervene indications.

·Manual and automatic operation modes can be switched between each other by operator.

·All raw materials, both solid and liquid, are automatically dosed according to detergent powder formulation by computer.

Detergent Powder Plant

We provide

Consultation, design, supply, installation and commissioning training for the complete washing powder production line

Train services

Production and transformation of the original production line, tail gas transformation, automatic production transformation;

Problem diagnosis, system optimization and solution for original production equipment

The use and characteristics of washing powder produced by the factory:

This series of washing powder is moderately alkaline and suitable for washing dirty work clothes, tablecloths and greasy heavy-duty linen. The degreasing and decontamination functions are particularly good, and the whitening effect and washing effect are obvious. Try this series of washing powder, even if it is not heavy, it does not need to add soda. It is an economical and excellent special washing powder that economical laundry and professional laundry company are willing to try.



According to the old and new, dirty and white requirements of the cloth, the low water level is added directly to the washing machine according to the weight of the dry cleaning material 0.8~1.2%. If you add 30%-40% of the emulsifier, 50% of the bleaching powder or green bleaching powder, increase the temperature to 70 degrees or more (green bleaching powder rises to 65 degrees), and keep it clean for 20 minutes. Such as new special effects.