Chlorine Allied Equipment

Chlorine Allied Equipment

Chlorine gas generate from Caustic soda project, it is can be used produced other relative product, it is can give customer added value.
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Chlorine Allied Equipment

As we all know, chlorine has many derivatives, and these chlorine derivatives products are widely used in the industrial field. After years of research, Asia Chemical has developed a variety of chlorine related equipment with chlorine characteristics. If you want to build a plant that needs special chlorine equipment, please let us know your needs, and we will provide you with satisfactory special chlorine equipment projects according to local conditions.


Product Name

Molecular  formula

Product Application field

Main Raw   Material


  ADC foaming agent

azo di-carbon   amide

It's the foaming agent which has the features of high gas generation, superior performance and broad usage, it's widely used for foaming in slipper, shoe sole, shoe-pad, plastic wallpaper, ceiling, floor leather, artificial leather, heat insulation, sound insulation materials and so on.



  Ferric trichloride


Ferric trichloride is mainly used as the treating agent for drinking water and waste water, oxidizing agent and mordant for dyeing industry, catalyst and oxidizing agent for organic synthesis.

Fe, HCL, Cl2


Chloroacetic   acid


In the world, chloroacetic acid is mainly used for producing sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), PVC heat stabilizer thioglycolic acid, 2,4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) etc. In China, chloroacetic acid is mainly used in pesticide, pesticide industry.

Acetic acid,   Cl2, Acetic anhydride, H2


Chlorinated   polyvinyl chloride


CPVC, as a new type of chemical materials with high performance, is now already widely used in production industries like chemical engineering, building material, electrical appliance, fiber and so on.



Polyvinyl   chloride


It's the second largest variety of plastic being second to polyethylene (PE).



Sodium   carboxymethyl cellulose


It can be used as sizing agent, emulsifying agent, stabilizing agent, bonding agent, suspending agent, thickening agent, lustering agent, crystal production preventing agent etc., is widely used in all kinds of industries like textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, papermaking, leather, printing ink, ceramics, artificial furs, synthesis washing, putty powder, ceramic simulating coating, architectural sealant, cigarette, putty paste, food and   medicine and so on.

Refined cotton   /wood pulp/, MCA, NaOH


Epoxy   chloroethane


It's mainly used for producing fine chemicals like epoxy resin, synthetic glycerine, chlorohydrin rubber etc.

C3H6,NaOH, Cl2

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Business Scope

Domestic and foreign engineering technical consultation, overall planning, engineering design, engineering supervision, equipment and material procurement, engineering cost analysis, project management, general contracting, engineering technology services, engineering technology and unit equipment R & D, personnel training, product development, production And sales, environmental protection operations, etc.

Asia Chemical, as a world-renowned project general contracting pioneer, has rich experience in the construction of various daily chemical plants such as detergent powder plants and sulfonic acid plants. If you are looking for a partner for building Chlorine Allied Equipment, please tell us your needs