CaCl2 Production Plants

CaCl2 Production Plants

Chlorine gas generate from Caustic soda project, it is can be used produced other relative product, it is can give customer added value.
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Chlorine Allied Projects

It is well known that chlorine has many derivatives, and these chlorine derivative products are widely used in the industrial field. After years of research, Asia Chemical has developed a variety of chlorine-allied plant for the characteristics of chlorine, including Bleaching powder concentrated plant, CaCl2 Production Plants, and Poly Aluminium Chloride plant. If you are trying to build a factory like CaCl2 Production Plants, please let us know your needs and we will give you a satisfactory chlorine allied project plant according to local conditions.


Product Name

Molecular  formula

Product Application field

Main Raw   Material


Bleaching powder   concentrated


It's mainly used for bleaching the cotton fabrics, linen fabric, pulp and so on. Be widely used in drinking water, purifying the water of swimming pools, silkworm breeding and so on because of its function of disinfection and sterilization.  Also used for manufacturing chemical toxicity and radioactive disinfectant.

Ca(OH)2, Cl2


Calcium chloride


It can be used as food additives, drying agent, refrigerant, snow-melting agent and so on, also as petroleum drilling and welling drilling working solution, well completion fluid, petroleum chemical dehydration fluid.



Poly Aluminium   Chloride


It's normally to be used for water treatment, function as water purifying agent, flocculant,   coagulant.

Al(OH)3/   Bauxite/ Kaolin Clay, Calcium aluminate, HCL


Chlorinated   paraffin


It's used as flame retardant for various products; plasticizer for industries like plastic, rubber, fiber etc.; surface treating agent for fabric and packing material; modifying agent for bonding material and painting; antiwear agent for high-pressure lubrication and machining of metals; mildew preventive; water-proofing agent; additive for printing ink; and so on.

Liquid wax, Cl2