Allied Chemical Chlorine Plant

Allied Chemical Chlorine Plant

Chlorine gas generate from Caustic soda project, it is can be used produced other relative product, it is can give customer added value.
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Allied Chemical Chlorine Plant

It is well known that chlorine has many derivatives, and these chlorine derivative products are widely used in the industrial field. After years of research, Asia Chemical has developed a variety of allied chemical chlorine plant for the characteristics of chlorine, including strong chlorine plant, sodium chlorite,  barium chloride plant and so on . If you are trying to build a Allied Chemical Chlorine Plant, please let us know your needs and we will give you a satisfactory chlorine allied project plant according to local conditions.


Product Name

Molecular  formula

Product Application field

Main Raw   Material


Strong chlorine


TCCA has high bactericidal performance, is a new generation of bactericide, bleaching agent and shrink-resist agent with features of broad-spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity. It's mainly used for disinfection and sterilization in drinking water, industrial circulating water, swimming pool, restaurant, hotel, public place, family, hospital, poultry eggs and prevention and treatment of fish  disease, and so on.

cyanuric acid,   or Urea, Cl2


Sodium Chlorite


Mainly used for cotton, linen, acrylic, polyester fiber bleaching (not suitable for wool, silk, rayon, nylon, etc.) also can be used as food, drinking water disinfection, paper bleaching and fish medicines manufacture.

NaClO3, H2SO4,   NaOH, H2O2


Barium chloride


Removing sulfate radical in the brine in chlor-alkali industry, also used for producing all kinds of barium salt, pigment including barium, insecticide and so on.

BaCO3 / BaSO4,   HCL




It's used for producing silane coupling agent and important intermediate for other organic silicon products, it's also the main raw material for manufacturing polycrystalline silicon.