Small Caustic Soda Plant

Small Caustic Soda Plant

Asia Chemical can provide advanced technology and engineering design of Caustic Soda Chemical Plant according to the needs of different users.
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Caustic Soda Chemical Plant

Technology Introduction:

The ionic membrane caustic soda technology we supplied is the most advanced one in the world, at present the capacity we supply is from 2,000t/y to 320,000t/y.

Uses of caustic soda:

Chemistry experiment:

In addition to being used as a reagent, it can also be used as an alkaline desiccant due to its strong water absorption and deliquescent properties. [2] It can also absorb acid gas (for example, in the experiment of burning sulfur in oxygen, sodium hydroxide solution can be filled into a bottle to absorb toxic sulfur dioxide.)


Sodium hydroxide is widely used in the civil economy, and many industrial sectors need sodium hydroxide. The sector that uses more sodium hydroxide is the manufacture of chemicals, followed by papermaking, aluminum smelting, tungsten smelting, rayon, rayon and soap manufacturing. In addition, in the production of dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals and organic intermediates, the regeneration of old rubber, the production of metal sodium, the electrolysis of water and the production of inorganic salts, the production of borax, chromium salts, manganese salts, phosphates, etc., should also be used A lot of caustic soda.

Chemical industry:

The nature of sodium hydroxide determines that this product is an indispensable and important substance in a large number of chemical reactions. Sodium hydroxide is one of the important raw materials for the production of polycarbonate, superabsorbent polymer, zeolite, epoxy resin, sodium phosphate, sodium sulfite and a large amount of sodium salt.

Adding sodium chloride to the solution can reduce the solubility of the fatty acid salt to separate the fatty acid salt. This process is called salting out. Fatty acid salt is the main component of soap, and bar soap can be obtained by treating with filler.

Caustic Soda Chemical Plant

Asia Chemical can provide advanced technology and engineering design according to the needs of different users. It can provide users with turnkey projects, from technical consultation to engineering design, equipment manufacturing, complete configuration, engineering installation, construction guidance, commissioning training, formula adjustment. Excellent, after-sales service until the production of qualified products, the completion of a complete caustic soda chemical plant.

If you are interested in the small caustic soda plant, please contact our technical staff immediately.

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