Modular Caustic Soda Plant

The ionic membrane caustic soda technology we supplied is the most advanced one in the world, at present the capacity we supply is from 2,000t/y to 320,000t/y.
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About Caustic Soda 

In industry, sodium hydroxide is usually called caustic soda, or caustic soda or caustic soda. This is because the concentrated sodium hydroxide solution splashed on the skin will corrode the epidermis and cause burns. It has a dissolving effect on protein, is strongly irritating and corrosive (because of its dissolving effect on protein, alkali burns are less likely to heal than acid burns). Dropping 0.02% solution into rabbit eyes can cause corneal epithelial damage. Intraperitoneal LD50 of mice: 40 mg/kg, oral LD50 of rabbits: 500 mg/kg. Dust irritates the eyes and respiratory tract and corrodes the nasal septum; splashes on the skin, especially on the mucous membranes, can produce soft scabs, and can penetrate deep tissues, leaving scars after burns; splashing into the eyes, not only damages the cornea, but also deepens the eyes Tissue damage, severe cases can cause blindness; mistaking can cause digestive tract burns, colic, mucosal erosion, vomiting, bloody stomach contents, bloody diarrhea, sometimes dull voice, dysphagia, shock, gastrointestinal perforation, and stomach Intestinal stenosis. Due to the strong alkalinity, it can cause pollution to water bodies, and attention should be paid to plants and aquatic organisms. Sodium hydroxide is a basic chemical raw material, widely used in soap, papermaking, textile, man-made fibers, dyes, medicine, photography, plastics, petroleum and other fields.

Sodium Hydroxide Production Equipments

Brief introduction of caustic soda plant

Technology Introduction :

The ionic membrane caustic soda technology we supplied is the most advanced one in the world, at present the capacity we supply is from 2,000t/y to 320,000t/y.

Our service: 

1.As to the production system, we can provide the comprehensive engineering technology like design, construction, technology guidance, turnkey project engineering, production operation and after-sale maintenance and so on, 

2.Also supply the maintenance and reform, upgrade and update of the caustic soda system process and equipment and the electrolyzer according to clients’ requirements; 

3.For the client whose capacity is less than 10,000t/y, we specially make a small size high power density natural circulation zero polar distance ionic membrane electrolyzer and module unit, which has the advantages like less investment and operating expense, less operator etc.

Special advantages:

1、 Easy operation, stable running, meet the requirements of production process, obvious effect of energy-saving;

2、 High purity of product, low energy consumption, less pollution, low operation cost;

3、 Easy production process, long service life of the equipment, less investment cost, the first choice of new-built caustic soda device in the world at present;

4、 Be possible to build matched production device to consume chlorine gas and downstream derivatives of caustic soda, like calcium chloride, MCA, bleaching power, trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA), sodium dichloroisocyanurate, chloromethane, ferric trichloride, FAC (Polymeric aluminum trichloride), titanium dioxide and so on.


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