Chemical Plants For Caustic Soda

Chemical Plants For Caustic Soda

The ionic membrane caustic soda technology we supplied is the most advanced one in the world, at present the capacity we supply is from 2,000t/y to 320,000t/y.
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Brief introduction of caustic soda 

Sodium hydroxide, whose chemical formula is NaOH, commonly known as caustic soda, caustic soda and caustic soda, is a kind of strong caustic with strong corrosiveness, generally in the form of flake or particle, which is easy to dissolve in water (release heat when dissolving in water) and form alkaline solution. In addition, it has deliquescence, which is easy to absorb water vapor (deliquescence) and carbon dioxide (deterioration) in the air.

Technology Introduction of chemical plants for caustic soda

The ionic membrane caustic soda technology we supplied is the most advanced one in the world, at present the capacity we supply is from 2,000t/y to 320,000t/y.


It is used in pulp, soap, dyestuff, rayon, aluminum, petroleum refining, cotton finishing, coal tar product purification, food processing, wood processing and machinery industry.

caustic soda equipments


1. The operation of chemical plants for caustic soda is simple and stable, which meets the requirements of production process and has obvious energy saving effect;

2. High purity of caustic soda, low energy consumption, less pollution and low operation cost;

3. The production process is simple, the service life of the equipment is long, and the investment cost is low. It is the first choice of the new caustic soda plant in the world at present;

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Requirements for prevention of solid caustic soda: the toxicity protection is extremely corrosive, and the solution or dust splashed on the skin, especially splashed, can produce soft scabs and penetrate into deep tissues. There are scars left after the burn. Splashing into the eyes can not only damage the cornea, but also damage the deep tissues of the eyes. If it splashes on the skin, wash it with water for 10min immediately; if it splashes into the eyes, wash it with water or salt water for 15min immediately, and then add 2% Buddha. If it is serious, send it quickly. The high allowable concentration of caustic soda dust in the air is 0.5mg/m3.

Operators must wear work clothes, covers, protective glasses, rubber covers, rubber apron, long rubber boots and other labor protection products when working. Apply neutral and hydrophobic ointment to the skin.

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