Caustic Soda Making Plant

Caustic Soda Making Plant

caustic soda making plant we are the experienced company offer membrane caustic soda making line with the production capacity 6 000MT/yto 20 000mt/y
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caustic soda making plant

Main proces:

First brine — secondary brine — electrolysis — dechlorination — chlorine and hydrogen processing etc.


1.lower consumption of power(32%liquid alkali 100%, save 0.556T coal each  ton than dissepiment method)

2. higher quality (salt content is lower than 40ppm, 5% of salt in dissepiment   

  method with same concentration)

3. less pollution(no asbestos fiber and Hg pollution)

4. lower cost  

5. easier operation etc.  


1. low salt and HCL content

2.easy to process solid alkali, 

3.convenient for products transportation and storage

4. large market, and strong competitive power and contingency.