Caustic Soda Chemical Plant

Caustic Soda Chemical Plant

Asia Chemical can provide advanced technology and engineering design of Caustic Soda Chemical Plant according to the needs of different users.
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Caustic Soda Chemical Plant

Technology Introduction:

The ionic membrane caustic soda technology we supplied is the most advanced one in the world, at present the capacity we supply is from 2,000t/y to 320,000t/y.

Application field of Caustic Soda:

Sodium hydroxide is extremely versatile. Used in the production of paper, soap, dyes, rayon, metallurgy, petroleum refining, cotton finishing, purification of coal tar products, as well as food processing, wood processing and machinery industries.

Sodium hydroxide has been used in traditional living applications. To date, the demand for caustic soda in soaps, soaps and other types of detergents still accounts for about 15% of caustic soda.

Asia Chemical provides you with the most professional caustic soda chemical plant,  and providing the most excellent caustic soda formula, the best quality after-sales service.

Special Advantages of Caustic Soda Chemical Plant:

1、 Easy operation, stable running, meet the requirements of production process, obvious effect of energy-saving;

2、 High purity of product, low energy consumption, less pollution, low operation cost;

3、 Easy production process, long service life of the equipment, less investment cost, the first choice of new-built caustic soda device in the world at present;

4、 Be possible to build matched production device to consume chlorine gas and downstream derivatives of caustic soda, like calcium chloride, MCA, bleaching power, trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA), sodium dichloroisocyanurate, chloromethane, ferric trichloride, FAC (Polymeric aluminum trichloride), titanium dioxide and so on.

Asia Chemical can provide advanced technology and engineering design according to the needs of different users. It can provide users with turnkey projects, from technical consultation to engineering design, equipment manufacturing, complete configuration, engineering installation, construction guidance, commissioning training, formula adjustment. Excellent, after-sales service until the production of qualified products, the completion of a complete caustic soda chemical plant.

If you are interested in the caustic soda project, please contact our technical staff immediately.

Contact: Yi Fei

Tel: +86-571-87228886

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