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There are two methods to product sodium carbonate, i.e. ammonia-soda process (Solvay process) and combined-soda process (Hou’s process).
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Brief introduction of Soda Ash Production Line

There are two methods to product sodium carbonate

1.Ammonia-soda process (Solvay process)

2.Combined-soda process (Hou’s process)


Sodium carbonate is a white odorless powder or granule at room temperature. Absorbent, gradually absorb 1mol / L of water (about = 15%) in the exposed air. Its hydrates are Na2CO3·H2O, Na2CO3·7H2O and Na2CO3·10H2O.


Sodium carbonate is easily soluble in water and glycerin. At 20 ° C, each 100 grams of water can dissolve 20 grams of sodium carbonate, the highest solubility at 35.4 ° C, 49.7 grams of sodium carbonate can be dissolved in 100 grams of water, slightly soluble in anhydrous ethanol, difficult to dissolve in propanol. The solution is alkaline and can turn phenolphthalein into red.

Soda Ash Production Plant


Special customized the production scale and product variety

Provide EPC service for the whole sodium carbonate project

High automation of soda ash equipment, low worker’s labor intensity

Experienced in design, we have built many such soda ash equipments in operation at home and abroad

Business Scope

Domestic and foreign engineering technical consultation, overall planning, engineering design, engineering supervision, equipment and material procurement, engineering cost analysis, project management, general contracting, engineering technology services, engineering technology and unit equipment R & D, personnel training, product development, production And sales, environmental protection operations, etc.

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