Hangzhou ASIA Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd

Asia Chemical Engineering CO., LTD, Hangzhou China is an engineering company devoted to the development of new technology and new equipment in various fields of Daily-use chemical, inorganic chemical industry and energy. The Corporation provides advanced technology and engineering design in accordance with her customer’s specific requirements. The Corporation’s supply includes turn-key project beginning from technical consultation, engineering design, equipment fabrication and procurement,

Hot Products

    • High Quality Top Bulk Detergent Powder

      High Quality Top Bulk Detergent Powder

      Our top detergent powder has good washing ability with Dow Corning enzymes and high elegant fragrance, same quality as Ariel.

    • Laundry Powder

      Laundry Powder

      Our factory can supply 60,000 tons different types detergent powder every year with various packing ways.

    • Concentrated detergent powder

      Concentrated detergent powder

      Our high density detergent powder has good bulk density and appearance, specialized packing ways. We had rich experience in different markets and brands